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We aim to uplift others as we go along our journey. We are currently working with two partner organizations that aim to secure the future by helping poor children receive education and experience deep care and compassion. Our dream is to reach out more through the work that we do. We wholeheartedly invite you to walk hand in hand with us as we build and fulfill our advocacies!

Mano Amiga Philippines

Mano Amiga Philippines provides education opportunities that serve as a catalyst for community transformation and inclusive growth. Our programs include affordable high-quality K-12 education, skills training, and culinary employment for disadvantaged women, values and spiritual formation for families, and advocacy campaigns for social change. Mano Amiga uplifts low-income communities through increased student learning outcomes, increased sustainable livelihood opportunities, and improved health and well-being for families.

Love Education Philippines

Love Education (LovEd) is an organization composed of volunteers who provide free services for school-age children, particularly Grade 1-3, in learning to read or improving their reading skills, particularly reading comprehension in both Filipino and English. Pupils who will be given assistance are categorized as those who are:

  • Beginning/struggling readers in Filipino;
  • Beginning/struggling readers in English;
  • Readers for comprehension in Filipino; and
  • Readers for comprehension in English